Monday, June 29, 2009

Alphabets, presents, and hot glue.

K is learning to read! It's hard to believe that he's old enough to do it, but he's definitely ready. He and A were going over the letters and sounds of the alphabet the other night as I was cleaning up the kitchen. What I heard confirmed my suspicions that K is definitely his father's son: "Q, /qwo/, queen. R, /rrr/, rat. S, /sss/, pass gas. Bwahaha! Daddy, let's do 'G' now!" (he apparently wanted to say "pass gas" again...) I can't wait to see what Risa learns. Adam may be fired as the phonics teacher soon. K's actually read the first two "Hooked on Phonics" books. We're pretty proud of him.

R's 3rd birthday was this last Friday...

In anticipation of the upcoming celebration I wrapped her presents a week prior to that. She noticed them sitting in my bedroom, but obviously wasn't allowed to open them until her party. Every day when she got off the preschool bus, she asked if she could open them. She then asked again twice on the way to our building, just inside our building door, at the top of the stairs, and at our apartment door. Each time I said it wasn't Friday yet, so she had to wait. By Wednesday, she asked no more. I think she was tired of hearing "no". I think that next year I won't wrap them until the day before so the poor girl can drum up some excitement for them! She had a great time, though, and she loves getting bigger so that she can do everything that K is doing.

I, Reb, have apparently become well known among the foreign community here. Now, I would have hoped that it would be due to some such thing as my exceptional prowess as a homemaker or my phenomenal cake-decorating abilities . Alas, it's not to be. Little did I know that my idea of hot-gluing mosquito netting onto our poorly-made screens would be such a hit! Not only do I keep out detestable insects such as mosquitoes and flies, but I've made it easier for others to do it as well! Woohoo! Hot glue is my new favorite adhesive.


Blogger vicki said...

That was a really good blog. A mother is so proud of her son. We will have Kaiden read to us one night soon. Risa is just sooo pretty. Let us know when you need more glue. Good job!!!!! Hugs to all.

June 30, 2009 at 5:03 PM  
Blogger SGT Sunshine said...

So awesome!!! Just found your blog. We miss you guys! Has it really been 3yrs already. Geez...time flies.

July 13, 2009 at 12:39 PM  

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