Friday, May 29, 2009

Sand Piles and Rollerblades

As the weather gets nicer, we get to go outside and play more. On one of our walks we discovered this huge mound of sand behind a building. Since we don’t have a sandbox in our apartment complex (scratch that…we don’t have anything resembling a playground) we decided to let them play in the sand. Over the course of two days the kids single-handedly pushed the whole pile down. They had a lot of fun playing with their sand toys from Thailand; we’re just hoping that a bunch of them aren’t still buried in the sand pile. K’s monster trucks also met an early demise at the mound. At any one time they were missing in the sand or flying through the air over the sand pile. (Mommy and Daddy didn’t think that was so funny after awhile.) We’re now on the hunt for another tall pile to mow down. K and R also started using their rollerblades in the apartment. Since two of R’s wheels lock, she can zip around the apartment. K, however, doesn’t have locking wheels so he’s a little more timid. He actually reminds me of a giraffe on rollerblades. You know… the stiff, gangly legs rolling everywhere but forward in an orderly fashion. (If any of you are thinking of A doing the same thing, you would be correct!) I think that A is living vicariously through K’s learning process. It will be a great day when K (and A) learn to use rollerblades like a big boy. We’re working on it!


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