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Feb 2008

The Chronicles

February 2008

Story of a Stranger

As he walked home down the wind-swept hill leading from school where he teaches, A noticed a lone figure trudging alongside the road. It was a man who was about the size of a seventh grade boy. His hair was short, his teeth were black, and his skin was brown. His eyes were very tired. As A passed him the man said “Can you give me some money?” The years lived in Asia taught A to be cautious about people asking directly for money, but he struck up a conversation with him in Korean. “Do you live around here?”, A asked. “No, I’m not Chinese”, was the man’s reply. A asked him if he was from another country east of there. For a moment the only sound was the shuffling of two sets of feet as the men descended down the hill. Finally, the man replied that he was and that he was alone. “I’m going to eat. Would you like to join me?”, A asked. After some hesitation the man said that he would, so they found a restaurant nearby where they ordered cold noodle and dumplings. The meal was conducted mostly in silence; only the occasional slurp could be heard as the man slowly ate his noodles. A noticed that the man asked for non-spicy food and did not eat the egg or meat in his dish, which is typical for those who subsist on a meager diet of noodles and rice. When both men finished their meal they went their separate ways. A hoped to see him again so that they could share another meal.

Spring 2008: Y_____, China

We have returned to China after spending several weeks out of the country at a conference. A is teaching his second term at Y University of Science and Technology in the English Conversation Department. He has two elementary English classes and one intermediate English class and is really looking forward to getting back in the classroom. Y_ST’s sister school in Enkay is supposed to open and receive outside teachers this coming May. While we do not expect that we will be on that particular team that goes inside, we hope to be there in the near future!

Fall 2008: Home-Assignment!

Yes, it’s true! After four years of being on the field, we will return home for six brief months to reconnect with all of you who have supported us so faithfully. After a long period of limited communication, we are thrilled to be able to share with you the great things that the Father has been doing in Asia. A has already begun making preparations for that by contacting a large number of fellowship leaders and Reb is learning how to cook Chinese and Korean food so that she can share recipes with those who are interested! K and Ri have also started preparing. They were fantastic travelers this past February in Thailand and we hope that means that we will all weather the traveling demands with grace and patience in our hearts (even the mildest dose of patience will help )! At any rate, we look forward to seeing you soon!

Things to Think About

* Please ask that we have good physical health and that the Father will continue to strengthen us as we work toward entry into a place where darkness is so prevalent.

* Ask that A is able to develop below-the-surface relationships with some of his students this semester.

* Please ask that the Father puts in our paths people that we can positively influence for him.

* Please ask that He guides us as we get ready for our upcoming home assignment so that we are suitably prepared when we meet with you!


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